I got some free stuff! PediaSure.

So I got sent a lovely big box of goodies from PediaSure last week, and let me tell you was I excited!  My toddler has been a little on the fussy side with his eating lately so it came at just the right time!

The product is tasty (according to my husband who’s had a sip) and my toddler slurps it up like it’s his favourite milkshake!  I always worry about the sugar/salt content in these products but it seems to be reasonable at 7gms/complete serving with water.  If not perhaps a little pricey in the store at R200.00 for a large tin, the vouchers they sent along with the box will definitely come in handy.

I use the little pink bottle for water for my boy at school and then he drinks his shake at night before bedtime, which I must say has led to a much steadier sleep routine :)

I would recommend this product if you have a fussy eater, if perhaps a bit pricey, but worth every cent.


Box of goodies from PediaSure